Monday, March 29, 2010

Partners Who Are Friends

A few months back, I used this space to profile two of my partners, Stephen Brady and Tripp Flack. Please indulge me now as I sing the praises of the other two.

Rhett Giddings is the old man of our group (although he’s not much older than I am). He has been in the insurance business his entire career. You know that old saying, “He has forgotten more about (fill in the subject) than I’ll ever know?” I’m tempted to say that about Rhett and insurance, but in truth, I don’t think Rhett has ever forgotten anything in his life.

Rhett’s deep store of knowledge and wisdom comes through almost every time you speak with him. He has seen a lot over the years, and he is able to synthesize it and derive worthwhile insights to almost any situation. Whenever any one of us is in a fix or needs some perspective, Rhett is the one we look to.

Cooper Flack is the youngest and most aggressive of the group. He has an MBA from Penn State, and he spent the early part of his career in the corporate world. He is now the quintessential family man, with three adorable young children. Cooper has become one of my best friends over the years, and the tenderness and affection he demonstrates with his kids is heartwarming.

Cooper wears a lot of hats, handling life and health insurance as well as group benefit programs. He has taken the lead role in our newest service, Health Track Wellness, which is a program we offer to companies and other groups. In it, a registered nurse/personal trainer from our staff works with employees on a regular schedule to improve their individual health and team morale.

I consider myself truly blessed to be associated with all four of these wonderful guys. They each bring unique gifts and perspectives that benefit the others as well as our company as a whole.

Enjoy the week!

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