Sunday, August 1, 2010

New name, but not much is changing for now

Monday, August 2 marks the first business day of Millard & Company. As of August 1, our split-off from Main Street Financial Group became official.

All our clients were very supportive and helpful during this process; it gave us an opportunity to speak with almost all of them within the span of just a couple weeks, and it gave both Juliet and me a renewed appreciation for both the clients themselves and our responsibilities to them. Our clients are the best!

As we have said several times, nothing is really changing in the way we do business. You may notice the new logo and the new-look blog page, but essentially everything else will remain the same. Renovation work is progressing on the depot building, and we expect to move around the end of the year.

My contractor and buddy Mike Karaman and his team have removed all the asbestos siding from the building. They also removed creosote-treated planking that was underneath the siding. As you can tell, there's no insulation at all, so Mike's team will be adding it. The windows and doors (inside and out) will all be replaced as well. Here is a recent photo of the old station master's office, which will soon become, appropriately, Juliet's office:

Not much to look at now, but give us a few months!

Although we’re excited about the future, we’ll still be conducting business as usual. We have some ideas in the works, which we will be firming up in the next 6 to 12 months. In the meantime, we’ll be focusing on servicing our clients and moving into our new home (in that order, of course).

I must take this opportunity to express the deepest gratitude and appreciation to my former partners at Main Street Financial Group. Stephen, Rhett, Cooper and Tripp have been stellar in their support over the years. It is a privilege to be associated with them

Enjoy the week!

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