Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Home

We have moved into the Depot! I spent most of the long holiday weekend just past setting up computers and phones, putting things away, and generally getting ready for business as usual.

We are working in temporary cubicles in the big "Depot Room" for a week or two as our new office furniture gets delivered and our talented decorator, Lesley Chandler, works her magic. That being the case, we would appreciate it if you would resist any temptation to stop in for a visit until you can see our new home at its best. Soon enough, we will be welcoming visitors with open arms. (Of course, this request doesn't apply to any business you might have. Just don't expect to see a nice fancy office just yet!)

There is still work to do on the building, with landscaping at the top of the list, but the inside is essentially finished, and I could not be happier with the job done by Mike Karaman and his fine crew.

Our new address and phone number can be seen at right above the photo of the funny-looking guy in the black sweater.

For a sneak peek at our temporary setup, you may want to click on the 2-minute video below.

Happy New Year!

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