Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joy in the Midst of Chaos

Last week was a busy one, both locally and across the globe. Here are four items that might be of interest for you:

1 - The stock market reached a year-to-date low on Wednesday, before rebounding on Thursday and Friday. The situations in Japan and Libya (as well as the broader Middle East) have created an abundance of the one thing the markets can't stand: uncertainty. "Uncertainty" in this case can be translated into "fear." The future is, as always, unknowable, and we really don't know how those international events will play out, or how they might affect us. Stay tuned, and hang on.

2 - One cannot help but feel pain and empathy for those innocents suffering in the above-mentioned crises. If you'd like to help, a great place to start is the American Red Cross. Their web address is www.redcross.com.

3 - We had our own mini-disaster at the office last week. A plumbing fixture ran all night Wednesday, and by the time I arrived on Thursday morning, there was a small flood in three rooms on the office side. Servicemaster of Spartanburg promptly cleaned up and dried out the affected areas, so what could have been a serious problem is now just an inconvenience. The damaged flooring will need to be replaced, so we have moved our office operation back into the Depot room temporarily. We should be back to the usual configuration in a few weeks.

4 - Tryon celebrated another Super Saturday this past weekend. This gem of a festival is an annual Spring ritual, and it's all about kids: professional performers give a wide variety of fabulous performances in venues all over town. The place is swarming with kids, and the joy in their eyes is contagious. In addition to my usual volunteer duties, I shot a four-minute video which you can see by clicking the image below. Take a look, and laugh with the kids.

Make it a joyous week!

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