Monday, December 26, 2011

Final Week of 2011 & Happy New Year!

1 - Reminder: Millard & Company will be closed today (Monday, December 26) and this Friday, December 30. We will be open all next week; our main focus will be producing year-end client reports.

2 - Investor jitters seem to be settling down just a bit. While there's still plenty of uncertainty ahead, including a bruising presidential campaign, it's good to see a brief spell of relative calm in the markets -- even if it turns out to be very brief indeed.

3 - New Year's Day has become my favorite holiday. New Year's is about reflection, renewal, and optimism -- each of which is in woefully short supply in the frenetic 21st Century. What's more, because it follows hard on the heels of the massive hype of Christmas, New Year's is largely untainted by the over-commercialization that detracts from so many of our other important holidays.

We can't know what craziness the world will throw at us next year. But we can control our attitude -- and thereby prevent the craziness from taking control of our lives.

Have a wonderful final week of 2011; here's to a stellar 2012!


Juliet at the White House

In late September, Juliet attended the TD Ameritrade Operations Conference in Washington, DC. While there, she had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Bonnie Armstrong, our special projects colleague who lives in the DC area. The afternoon before the sessions began, they did some sightseeing, and Bonnie snapped this photo of Juliet in front of the White House.

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