Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from Tryon, NC

1 - The situation in Europe appears to be far from resolved. This morning's Wall Street Journal reports that the Greek parliament passed a deeply unpopular program of sweeping spending and wage cuts in an effort to secure bailout funds from the country's international creditors. The parliament had to be protected by 4,000 riot police as masses of furious protesters demonstrated outside. The package by no means guarantees that Greece will avoid a default, and even some parliamentary leaders are making noises about revisiting the measures in April. This is important to us because troubles in Europe could have global implications.

2 - Our little town sure knows how to come together for a good cause. This past Saturday, the Depot parking lot was the site of a fundraising event to  support the family of Chuck Britton, a local contractor who has gone through some very expensive health problems lately. Despite the biting cold and wind, dozens of volunteers and hundreds of supporters showed up for boiled shrimp, BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, live music, and a silent auction with so many donated items that it completely filled the Depot Room. In order to get diners out of the cold and wind, the American Legion opened their building just across the parking lot. The event was a huge success -- and yet another example of why we all are here.

3 - Tomorrow is our Valentine's Day Tea for lady clients. Michele has asked that I emphasize the the dress is "Tryon casual," meaning you don't have to get all fancied-up. Because this is a ladies-only event, I will likely be the only male in attendance. As they say, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

Have a super week!


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