Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Show & Tell: TDAI Elite Summit

Andy spent last week at the TD Ameritrade Institutional Elite Summit in Laguna, CA. This week's video is a report of the event's highlights. Keep watching: the artist near the end is fascinating -- and he had a powerful message for the attendees. Find more videos on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/tryonite.

1 - I spent last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the TD Ameritrade Institutional Elite Summit in Laguna, California. This was my first time at this particular event (it is by invitation only), and it was one of the best I have ever experienced. If you can spare 4 1/2 minutes, take a look at the video report above.   

2 - In case you're wondering who pays for these conferences, here's the answer: Whenever I take a business trip, Millard & Company pays my travel and lodging expenses. We are a client of TD Ameritrade Institutional; and just as we host occasional events for our own clients, TDA hosts events for its clients. We don't charge admission to our client events, nor does TDA charge admission to theirs. Other conferences (such as those put on by the Financial Planning Association and other groups) do charge a registration fee. In all cases, however, those who attend must cover their own travel and lodging costs, which can be substantial.  

3 - Reminder to clients: Please register for our Investment Roundtable client event on July 10. We have confirmed that our investment researcher, Steven McNamara, CFA, will be here in person to take your questions. To reserve your spot, you can click here, email Michele at michele@low-stress-investing.com or call her at 859-7001, ext. 2. 

Have an educational week!


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