Monday, June 27, 2011

Exploring the "New Normal"

1 - I mentioned in last week's update that I have begun an extensive process of re-examining our investment approach in light of the changing U.S. and global economy. You may want to glance at the brief video below for my preliminary thoughts on the subject.

2 - Many people make bad decisions regarding their IRAs -- not necessarily in regard to the investments, but rather in regard to the designation of beneficiaries and the structural composition of IRA accounts that have been inherited from someone else. The article following This Week's Economic News points out some of the pitfalls and remedies.

3 - Along with several members of our Tryon Kiwanis Club, Sharon and I went kayaking on the Green River yesterday afternoon. The three-hour expedition was coordinated by Lee Coburn and was guided by Green River Adventures, a wonderful small business located in Saluda. Here is a great local resource (the Green River) that many local people do not even know exists. Regardless of your age (we had several quite mature folks in our group), if you're interested in a fun time surrounded by the beauty of nature, you could do a lot worse than contacting Green River Adventures.

Have a cool week!


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