Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simple Pleasures

1 - The stock market lost ground last week, bringing the losing streak to six weeks; the last time that happened was nearly nine years ago. Before you get too depressed, though, check out the article below entitled "Reasons for Optimism." I have been reviewing many client portfolios, and for the most part, things still look pretty good overall, although it is shaping up to be a losing quarter for most clients.

2 - Our movie event for veterans of World Ward II was successful and fun. What an honor it was to just spend time in the presence of so much living history. Along with the guests of honor, there were quite a few others there to watch the movie and express their gratitude.

3 - The 18th annual Blue Ridge BBQ Festival (last week's update incorrectly said it was the 17th) appears to have been a success. It certainly was a success as far as crowd size and visitor fun. As for the financial question, it's now a matter of adding up the debits and credits over the next few weeks, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

They say a change is as good as a rest, and that seems to be true in my case. These days, my job at the festival involves managing traffic flow. Although it is physically and mentally demanding (think two 18-hour days followed by an exhausting clean-up), it exercises completely different parts of the brain and body than does my day job. So today I'm a little tired but strangely refreshed. Go figure.

Have a cool week!


             A good time was had by all:
 Libbie took this photo during intermission on Monday. They are veterans all, and all but three of them served in WWII.

I took this photo from behind the stage at the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival on Saturday at 7:51pm.  

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