Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our New World

With the combination of Labor Day and the impending tenth anniversary of 9/11, one's thoughts inevitably turn to the changes that have taken place in our world in the last ten years. Both the concept of labor as it applies to the American worker and the idea of national security are a world away from our notions of a decade ago.

Some would argue that the changes to our world are all bad. I prefer to leave that judgment for tomorrow's historians, who will have the benefit of hindsight which we do not currently enjoy. Instead, we would do well just to recognize the new realities as they exist, and deal with them as best we can. That is the goal of all our recent work and events here at Millard & Company, and we hope you are deriving some benefit from them.

Items for your attention this week:

1 - Just a few days remain until this Friday's Client Appreciation Movie Night. We already have a good number of clients planning to attend, but we would love to have more, so please plan to spend some of your Friday evening with us. You may bring up to three guests. Each person will enjoy a personal made-to-order pizza from a wood-fired oven (which will be set up next to the Depot deck), fresh local salad, and Italian wine from our friends at La Bouteille. Juliet is even making Tiramisu for dessert. We will view the timeless Casablanca on the big screen in digitally-restored Blu-Ray high definition, complete with surround sound. It promises to be a fun night, so please make plans to join us here by sending your RSVP to Libbie Johnson at ljohnson@low-stress-investing.com, to let us know to expect you!

2 - Last Tuesday's portfolio resetting work sessions were very well attended and received. We had 67 total clients in attendance between the three sessions. We will begin to implement the new portfolio models over the coming weeks and months. For those clients who were unable to attend, we are preparing a DVD of the presentation for you to view at home; the video should be ready by the end of next week.

3 - By way of introducing the client work sessions, we showed the 10-minute video slide show below. Feel free to view it and share it with others if you'd like. Unlike this introduction, the main presentation that will be included on the forthcoming DVD is intended for clients only.

Fall has unofficially begun; have a great week!


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