Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Special Event for Special Guests

Items for your attention this week:

1 - Last Friday's Client Appreciation movie night was a rousing success. There were 56 clients and guests in attendance. The dinner was outstanding (although some folks had to wait for their pizzas, everyone took the delay with gracious good humor), and we received many comments that seeing the movie, Casablanca, in high definition on a big screen brought a whole new enjoyment to the experience. But I would have to say that the greatest compliments were reserved for Juliet's homemade Tiramisu. And for me, the best aspect of the event was certainly the company. It was a grand evening.

2 - The DVD of our recent Portfolio Resetting session should be available later this week. Please contact Juliet if you would like to receive a copy.

3 - The second panel discussion in our New Realities series, previously scheduled for September 20, has been postponed. Two of our hoped-for panelists have scheduling conflicts with the original date, so we are working on setting a date which will work for everybody. You will receive an email invitation as soon as plans are complete.

The stock market continues to be jumpy, driven largely by events in Europe. We are following events closely and mostly laying low for the time being. Times like these are why we diversify the way we do.

Enjoy the week!


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