Monday, May 7, 2012

A Moment of Truth

1 - Our New Realities: Investing seminar is next Tuesday. (See full information in the Events tab of our website: click here) This event is open to the public; please attend -- and invite a friend. Our list of registrations is growing, so I urge you to register soon. You can register either online or by calling Michele at 859-7001 (ext. 2).

2 - Alan Simpson is an American original. The former 3-term senator from Wyoming and co-chair of the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction commission has always marched to his own startlingly sensible drummer. I had the privilege of attending a talk with him and his colleague Erskine Bowles at a professional conference a couple years ago, and I'm looking forward to being with them again at a smaller conference next month. He tells it like it is better than anyone I know. If you can spare 20 minutes, this week's video features an entertaining and enlightening interview from Reuters.

3 - If you can spare some more time (and I think all of us should), you might want to read the Simpson-Bowles report, aptly titled The Moment of Truth, in its entirety. As the Senator says in the Reuters interview, "It's 67 pages long, it's in English." I still don't know why the decision-makers refuse to adopt it. Click here to download the report.

4 - Some great quotes from Alan Simpson:

"Pull up a chair, we don't do b.s. or mush."

"Medicare is the mastodon in the kitchen."

"Right now, we're the healthiest horse in the glue factory."

"That's a sparrow belch in the midst of where we are."

"This is a stink bomb at a garden party; it just keeps coming back."

Have a truthful week!


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