Monday, May 21, 2012

New Realities with Expert Affiliation - Horizons West Capital Partners

1 - Last Tuesday's New Realities seminar went very well indeed. About 40 people attended, and I thin everyone had a good time and learned a lot. My sincere thanks to all who attended, and especially to Michele and Juliet for making everything run smoothly.

 2 - In case you missed it, during Tuesday's event we announced our affiliation with Horizons West Capital Partners and principal Steven McNamara. Steve is a highly trained Chartered Financial Analyst; his full time job is researching investments. A staff of seven supports him as he studies economic and investment trends, visits fund managers, and designs model portfolios. We have essentially hired Steve's firm to serve as our research department, and as such, our clients will be able to benefit from a depth and breadth of research beyond what we have previously enjoyed.

3 - Horizons West is a research firm, not a money management firm. While Steve and company will be providing me with information, I will still make the investment decisions for our clients. Our current stance aligns very well with what Steve is seeing in his research, so don't expect any major change of direction.

4 - Steve spoke to the group on Tuesday evening via video link-up from his office in Connecticut. Our connection turned out to be a bit slow, so we cut the conversation short. We hope to have Steve here in person for our Investment Roundtable on July 10.

Have an excellent week!

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