Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lesson 15: Relax, and expect the best.

Author's note: I am a compulsive advice-giver-always have been.  When my own son was in high school, he wasn't interested in his old man's advice so I wrote it down in the hope that he might change his mind one day.  What follows is one piece of that advice.  I trust it applies to all of us, regardless of age.

Those who look for beauty, find it.

Let’s review the concepts we’ve talked about so far:
Your attitude is the prime factor in achieving long-term happiness, career success, fulfilling relationships, and triumph over adversity (Lesson 1). What’s more, you have complete control over your own thinking (2). Thinking only of yourself is a recipe for disaster; personal fulfillment comes from improving the world around you (3). Happiness does not come from your circumstances—if it is to come, you must create it for yourself (4). And you can create it, here and now (5). Embracing personal responsibility gives you the ability to determine your own destiny (6). Your personal values system is the internal compass which guides your actions (7). Time is slipping by; you can’t slow it down, so every moment is precious (8). Perhaps for the first time, you are now in a position to really live the Golden Rule (9). Forgiveness gives you the power to liberate yourself and others (10). The secret to living a regret-free life is to be bold (11). You can’t always change your circumstances, but you can adapt and make the most of them (12). Your expectations will probably come true (13). Don’t feel bad if you haven’t made the most of your life up to now, because it’s never too late to start creating your future (14).
The recurring theme throughout this list is as simple as it is meaningful: You have the power to shape your own destiny.
That is a fact. If you haven’t thought about it before now, take a few minutes to let it sink in. That power rests entirely with you. Nobody can take it from you without your permission.
So relax and know that all is well. Start believing that life will bring you everything you want. Decide to take control of your destiny by taking control of your life. Expect the best, and know that it will happen for you.

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