Monday, July 23, 2012

Important Information from Andy About Home Mortgage

Andy discusses three aspects of the good ol' home mortgage that we may not often hear about -- or think about.
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1 - CLIENTS: We are currently considering several technology initiatives, and we need your input. Please CLICK HERE to take a brief survey; you would be doing us a huge favor.  

2 - I was a bit hasty last week in announcing that our next Dinner and a Movie would occur next month. Michele pointed out that we've had a lot of events recently, and it might be good to wait a while before the next one. Therefore, our next client Dinner and a Movie event will take place on Friday, September 14. Save the date! 

3 - One of the more nettlesome financial topics clients often face is how to deal with their home mortgageThis week's video discusses three important things any mortgage-holder should bear in mind. 

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