Monday, July 2, 2012

Proud to be An American

A client recently received a letter indicating that she had won a multi-million-dollar sweepstakes. Something didn't seem quite right, so she brought the letter to us for confirmtion. Let's look at it together, shall we? (Find more videos on our YouTube channel:

1 - All right, clients, it's time to make your plans: our Investment Roundtable event is one week from tomorrow. Our investment researcher, Steven MacNamara, CFA, is traveling here from his office in Connecticut to share his insights, and I'll chime in with a few as well. If you have any interest in learning more about our investment process and how we're dealing with the craziness that is 2012, come and chat. It should be a lively, informal conversation. To reserve your spot, you can click here, email Michele at or call her at 859-7001, ext. 2.

2 - Have you ever won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes? One of our clients received a letter the other day indicating that she had won over $2 million, but something told her she should show me the letter before claiming her prize. In this week's video, we turn a critical eye on this suspicious document and look for the telltale signs of a fake.

3 - The markets are always reminding us to not count our chickens -- or to count them out. The second quarter just ended, and it saw the S&P 500 drop by 3.3% -- but it would have been much worse without Friday's 2.5% surge on the heels of a promising eurozone deal. How long the optimism will last is anyone's guess. As always, we must not anticipate, but instead try to prepare our portfolios for many possible scenarios. It's not easy, but we work diligently at it. Sure you don't want to come to the Investment Roundtable?

4 - Our office will be closed on Wednesday for the 4th of July. Our nation is going through some crazy stuff at the moment, and life in these United States is changing fast, but aren't you glad you live here?

Have an All-American week!


PS - On a personal note: I have a friend named Jerry Corn; we met 12 years ago as volunteers at the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival. Jerry has a compelling personal story he wants to share with the world, so I helped him by making a 15-minute video interview, which you can watch by clicking here.

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