Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Core Beliefs

Millard & Company's investment approach is based on four core beliefs. Here they are. (Find more videos on our YouTube channel:
1 - By now, all clients should have received their reports for the second quarter. The quarter was a rocky one: full of global sound and fury, with the upshot being a 3.3% drop in the S&P 500. And with many looming questions surrounding Greece, the European recession, a sluggish domestic recovery, and a contentious presidential campaign, the next three months could be another adventure -- but we can't say for sure. As we said last week, we must not anticipate, but instead try to prepare our portfolios for many possible scenarios. 

2 - This week's video happens to be on the very topic of preparing portfolios for various scenarios.

3 - One final reminder: our Investment Roundtable event with Steve MacNamara is tomorrow at 5:30. Steve is our investment researcher, and he's traveling here from his office in Connecticut to share his insights. This is as challenging an investment climate as I have ever seen, so this particular session is very timely. To reserve your spot, you can click here, email Michele at or call her at 859-7001, ext. 2. 

Have fantastic week!

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